Launching the robot to production 🚀

You have developed and tested your robot, and it works great! Time to put it "in production" and let it run free.

Production checklist

Before you can put your robot into production, we recommend following a checklist like this one:

  • Is the code correctly versioned and available for another developer if you are not available to work on the robot in the future?

  • Does the code respect best practices in terms of secret management? One option to solve this issue is to use Robocorp Cloud and its vault feature.

  • If you are running your Robot in Robocorp Cloud (like you should! 😀), do the relevant people have access to the robot? is the robot associated to the correct Robocorp Cloud organization and Workspace?

  • How will the robot be executed? Is it supposed to run on a schedule, or an API call from another system?

  • Have you set up notifications for failed runs? It is good to let someone know if the robot is having a hard time.

  • How will you monitor the robot after launch? Monitoring the robot, especially right after the launch, is essential. This way, you can react to possible issues promptly.