Robocorp App

Robocorp App provides a way to execute robots in an isolated environment on a target machine.

Robocorp CLI

A Command Line Interface to create and manage robots locally and in Robocorp Cloud. Used internally by Robocorp Lab and Robocorp Code Visual Studio Code extension.

Robocorp Cloud

Robocorp Cloud provides centralized orchestration of software robots (what to run, where, and when) in selected environments in a highly secure and scalable way.

Access credentials

Access credentials are tied to your user account and grant the same privileges as your user account.


A series of files related to a specific execution of a robot in Robocorp Cloud. This includes log files and any other files created by the robot, for example, screenshots or downloaded files. Authorized users can see artifacts for a robot run via the Robocorp Cloud UI.


A type of robot meant to be executed by the end user directly in Robocorp App. The end user can work together with the robot in completing tasks through the use of forms and prompts.

Assistant run

A single execution of a robot assistant.


An organization can be your company or team, for example. You can create and belong to more than one organization. Each organization has separate management and billing.


To run a software robot in Robocorp Cloud, you execute a Process. Processes are created within workspaces, and users need to have access to a workspace to execute and edit the processes contained in it. When creating a process, you will choose which steps are executed, in which order, and by which runtime environment. Processes can be scheduled and triggered either manually in the Robocorp Cloud UI or via an API. You can find a list of the defined processes for a workspace under the Workforce tab.

Process run

A single execution of a process. All steps of the process will create robot runs.


You can import your robots into Robocorp Cloud as zip files that follow the robot structure guidelines. A robot can include more than one step. Steps in the same robot can easily share code and needed data. One robot is edited at a time in Robocorp Lab. For example, you could create one robot that groups all the steps that work with one target system, for example, Excel or SAP.

Robot file

A .zip file containing the code for a robot that follow the robot structure guidelines.

Robot run

A single execution of a step inside a process run.

Robot run minutes

The time (in minutes) spent running robots in the Cloud. Used as the base for billing.

Robot Workforce

Your robots and the processes that they are added to.

Runtime environment

The actual machine running a robot. In the context of Robocorp Cloud, it can be either a fully hosted Cloud Container or a machine running an instance of Robocorp App.


A step is a reusable part of a process that can be executed in isolation of other steps. You can configure a process to run multiple steps in sequence.


Vault provides a way to store credentials and other sensitive information inside Robocorp Cloud that your robot code can easily access and make use of. Vault secrets are tied to a specific workspace.

Work Item

Steps in the same Process can share data during their execution, thanks to the concept of Work Item. Each step execution receives a work item from the previous step and passes it forward to the next one. During the execution, each step can freely read and update the data contained in the item.


A collection of related processes, assistants, configuration, and results. Use workspaces for organizing your processes and for managing user access.

Robocorp Lab

Robocorp Lab is Robocorp's tool for developing software robots. It builds on open-source components, providing an easy way to get started and get productive in developing software robots.


The units composing a Notebook in Robocorp Lab. A cell inside the notebook can be executed individually or as part of the whole robot. Cells can be of different types, containing code or documentation.


Python and Robot Framework files are managed in Robocorp Lab in notebook mode, allowing to divide the script into cells that can be executed individually. This also allows showing the code and the output of the robot in the same view.

Task (robot.yaml)

One operation in defined in the Robot YAML configuration format. These will become available as steps when assigning the robot to a process in Robocorp Cloud.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is an open source automation framework and language, which is at the base of the Robocorp ecosystem.


Keywords are the building blocks of Robot Framework scripts, and act like functions in other programming languages.


A collection of keywords centered around a specific functionality.

Task (Robot Framework)

A set of keywords executed in sequence in the context of a Robot Framework script.