Robocorp App overview

What is Robocorp App?

Robocorp App provides a way to execute robots in an isolated environment on a target machine. Just install the application, link it to a cloud account and you are ready to go.

You can set your workforce robots to be executed on a specific Robocorp App running on the machine of your choice, and using Assistants, your users will be able to trigger the robots themselves, and collaborate to complete their tasks.

Why Robocorp App?

After you have implemented the logic for an automated process, you run into the problem of executing it somewhere else than your own machine.

Executing automated processes usually requires specific environments, it needs to be repeatable and usually needs to be scalable, and this is currently not easy.

Robocorp App's goal is to solve these problems.

Key product features

Get the environment for the execution.

  • For a developer, no risks of polluting your system with different libraries versions, etc.

  • For IT, no need to install the correct Python version to 30 machines.

Enable attended automation

  • Your users can trigger Robot Assistants at the click of a button.
  • Your users can interact with the Robots using dialogs and prompts to complete their tasks together.


  • Executing a small thing 10000 times in serial takes a long time, BUT setting up one machine is simple.

  • Executing 10000 small things in parallel is fast and creates a lot of savings IF the orchestration of Robocorp Apps is easy.

  • Robocorp App is available as a self-hosted local installation and Robocorp Cloud provides built-in Robocorp Apps as Docker containers that execute in AWS cloud.

Enable execution on multiple platforms

  • Some executions require running specifically on Windows / macOS / Linux.

  • Some executions are platform-independent, so running them using cloud resources creates significant savings and increases speed.

  • Some executions require very specific execution on specific machines that are in a very specific physical environment (self-hosted security / licensing requirements).

Get a clearly isolated execution environment for each run

  • No worries about polluting the environment between runs.

  • Repeatability does not rely on "magic" environment setups.