Robocorp Cloud overview

Robocorp Cloud's key promise is to provide a secure, reliable, and scalable way to orchestrate Software Robots. Cloud is an all-in-one orchestration solution, so you do not need to maintain and host your own servers, databases, or even runtime environments when using our hosted Cloud Runtime Environments.

Robocorp Cloud overview and basic concepts

The Cloud provides value to operations by providing features for many different needs, for example:

  • Dashboards to monitor your Robot Workforce
  • Organizations and Workspaces to separate user access and data
  • APIs to integrate Cloud with 3rd party applications
  • Centralized distribution of robots
  • Management of runtime environments
  • Secure Vault to store secrets needed in automated processes
  • Storage of process operational data
  • Providing traceability to Robot operation
  • Providing extensive Metrics to track business value generation

Powerful integrations and Cloud scale enable unmatched flexibility and efficiency for all kinds of automation use cases. By using our Software Robot Platform you can feel safe about your Robots and Data.

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