Downloading example robots

Example robots are a great way to get started with creating software robots. You can execute them with minimal setup. The robots use the recommended directory and file structure. Each directory contains helpful files with information regarding its purpose.

You can download the example robots directly from Robocorp Lab:

Robocorp Lab launcher

Click on the Download Example Robots button on the Robocorp Lab welcome screen.

Select a directory on your system where you want to store the example robots. In our case, we selected the Documents directory. Robocorp Lab Examples directory will be automatically created inside the selected directory when you click on Download examples button:

Robocorp Lab launcher - Download examples screen

Click on Download examples. After a loading screen, you will be taken back to the welcome screen, and you will see a list of example robots on the right:

Robocorp Lab launcher - Downloaded examples

If you are new to Robocorp Lab, we recommend to try out the my-first-robot example to get familiar with the basic concepts of Robocorp Lab and Robocorp Cloud.

Getting the latest version of the example robots

You can download the example robots again at any time by clicking the Get Help button, and then the Download Example Robots button.

Robocorp Lab Launcher - Download example buttons again

Getting the example robots from GitHub

The example robots are also available on GitHub.